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October 12 - July 20
Dresden, DR
Dance! Moves
The Stiftung Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany is currently presenting an exhibition on the subject of dance, which runs through July 20, 2014. Entitled "Dance! Moves" the exhibition is a physical and intellectual investigation of the social, cultural and aesthetic facets of dance and the dancing body. Two Cunningham films are features. For the section "Archives," a sequence from the film "Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance" (1999) by Charles Atlas is displayed. The footage shows Merce Cunningham using the choreography software DanceForms (former LifeForms) and talking about computer technology as an element of dance. For the section "Systems," the 1967 film "Variations V" is exhibited. "Variations V" is shown next to a scientific description of a cybernetic system that influenced the thinking of Mr. Cunningham and John Cage. info

December 8 - April 30
Vero Beach, FL
Walkaround Time (1968) Photos
The Whitechapel Gallery, London, and The Gallery at Windsor, Vero Beach, Florida presents their latest curatorial partnership featuring one of the most significant and influential American artists of our time, Jasper Johns. The Gallery at Windsor is presenting a collection of lithographs and etchings created with Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE) print studio from the 1980s to the present. In addition the exhibition includes photos by James Klosty of the Cunningham dance Walkaround Time (1968). This exhibition is curated by Iwona Blazwick and Bill Goldston in partnership with Hilary Weston and with the artist. info

March 7 - May 25
Istanbul, TR
Exhibition at SALT Beyoglu: MC9 - March 7-May 25, 2014 MC9 (2012) is a 9-channel synchronized video work with sound, featuring clips from 21 collaborative works between filmmaker Charles Atlas and choreographer Merce Cunningham. This immersive installation encompasses their entire forty-year collaborative working relationship. Together Atlas and Cunningham developed a radical new way of incorporating the camera into live performance, which they referred to as “media dances.” Rather than using it as a static recording device, they allowed the camera to play an active part in the choreography. In MC9, Atlas revisits and reconfigures scenes from such well-known media dances Fractions (1978), Locale (1980), Channels/Inserts (1981), and Ocean (2011) – along with video from other projects on which they worked together. Atlas’ idiosyncratic approach to editing – interspersing existing footage with graphics, numbers, and color fields – weaves the temporality of the individual screens and monitors into an overall experience of movement, sound, and framing. info

March 28 - April 29
Dusseldorf, DE
Scenario (1997)
Deutsche Oper am Rhein will premiere their second Merce Cunningham work in 2014. The premiere of " Scenario" (1997) will take place on March 28. The choreography for “Scenario”, will be reconstructed by Banu Ogan MCDC (1993 - 2000) and Cunningham Fellow Daniel Squire MCDC (1998 - 2009) ."Scenario" was the creation of Cunningham and Comme des Garcons designer Rei Kawakubo. Kawakubo’s humorous costumes toy with the idea of physical distortions, such as humps and big rear ends. They are in mostly vertical blue stripes on white, or in pale green and white-checkered patterns. For much of the dance, five or six dancers twist and pose, each in his or her own space, with a rush of additional dancers to the stage toward the end of the performance. The bold electronic musical score is by Takehisa Kosugi. info

April 25 -26
Miami, FL
Jerome Bel
Cédric Andrieux in Cédric Andrieux – Solo dance, Friday & Saturday, April 25 & 26, 2014, 8:30pm, Colony Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach. Cédric Andrieux is the solo piece set by noted French choreographer Jérôme Bel on dancer Cédric Andrieux features excerpts from BIPED(1997) and Suite for Five(1956). In this piece, Andrieux looks back over his career – at his early apprenticeship as a contemporary dancer in Brest, then at the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance, subsequently as a dancer with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in New York (1999 - 2007), and most recently at the Lyon Opera Ballet. info

May 20 - 24
London, UK
Sounddance (1975)
At the Sadler Wells London, UK., the Rambert Dance Company will again perform their 2013 revival of "Sounddance" reconstructed by, Jeannie Steele MCDC (1993 - 2005). Cunningham created "Sounddance" upon his return from Paris where he built "Un Jour ou Deux" on the Paris Opera. In direct opposition to the rigidity of the classical dancers, Cunningham wanted to choreograph a fast piece on hias own company. David Tudor’s powerful score for "Sounddance" provided an energetic accompaniment to Cunningham’s fast pace choreography. Mark Lancaster designed the costumes. info

May 29 - September 21
Curitiba, BR
Tupi Or Not Tupi
The Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba, Brazil will present the exhibition entitled “Tupi or not Tupi” from May 29th through September 21st.The aim of the exhibition is to present a panorama of the artists that had or have an important role in the history of modern and contemporary dance in Brazil and around the globe. It will focus on Merce Cunningham’s life and work, as well as on his company and his importance in the global dance scenario. In addition, the exhibition will include works from 23 other artists including Loie Füller, Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Nijinsky, and Pia Bausch. Brazilian artists such as Lia Rodrigues and “Grupo Corpo” are also part of the exhibition. info

June 18 - April 12
Florence, IT
This new Museo Salvatore Ferragamo exhibition will focused on the concept of Equilibrium, the bond between physical and mental balance in art, architecture, dance and more. As part of this exhibition excerpts from Merce Cunningham's films "BIPED" (1999) and "Pond Way" (1999) will be shown. info

June 28 - July 12
London, UK
Rambert Event (2014)
The Rambert Dance Company will present a site-specific EVENT at their new facility on the South Bank of the Thames River from June 28 - July 12, 2014. Created to commemorate their new building and their 10-year relationship with the choreography of Merce Cunningham. Excerpts from their licenses of "August Pace" (1989), "Beach Birds" ( 1991), "Doubles" ( 1984), "Fielding Sixes" (1980), Ground Level Overlay" (1995), "Pond Way" (1998), "RainForest" (1968), "Septet" (1953), "Sounddance" ( 1975) and "Touchbase" (1993) will be staged by Jeannie Steele former MCDC dancer (1993 - 2005). info

September 13 - January 3rd
New York, NY
Dance and Fashion
The Museum at FIT is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, Dance and Fashion (on view September 13, 2014 - January 3, 2015). Organized by Patricia Mears and Valerie Steele, the exhibition will explore the mutually influential relationship between two great embodied art forms: dance and fashion. Dance and Fashion will feature approximately 100 ensembles, dating from the nineteenth century to the present. The focus will be on ballet and modern dance, but other dance forms, such as tango, flamenco, jazz dance, and stepping will also be featured. Featured will be dance costumes by fashion designers such as Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons (Merce Cunningham), Joseph Altuzarra, Iris Van Herpen, Rodarte, Olivier Theyskens, and Valentino (New York City Ballet), , and Christian Lacroix (American Ballet Theater), as well as dance-inspired fashions by designers such as Geoffrey Beene and Yves Saint Laurent. Costumes, videos, and a live performance of stepping by the women from Rick Owens’ fashion show will be featured. A multi-author book to be published by Yale University Press will accompany the exhibition, as will a free two-day symposium in November 2014, and a series of fee lectures and tours.

October 10 - Sept. 27
Quebec, CA
Corps rebelles/Rebel Bodies
The Musee de la civilisation of Quebec City, Canada will present and exhibition on contemporary dance its works, creators, inspirations and universal language. Entitled "Corp rebelles/Rebel Bodies" The exhibition will feature excerpts from Merce Cunningyham's BIPED (1999)as well as excerpts from the webisode "Mondays with Merce" No. 1. info