Merce Cunningham Trust

New York City Center Studios
130 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019
Friday, June 26, 2015
As part of the ongoing Cunningham Fellowship Program, Neil Greenberg (MCDC 1980 - 1986) and Patricia Lent (MCDC 1984 - 1993) are conducting the first Trust workshop in composition. 
Merce Cunningham's Choreographic Notes
for Gallopade (1981)
This workshop centers on Merce Cunningham's use of chance mechanisms and indeterminacy as choreographic strategies. The first week is based on a composition workshop taught by Cunningham in 1978, in which he led participants through a choreographic process he utilized for his 1976 work, Torse. During the second week, participants will devise their own projects, experimenting with personal approaches to the incorporation of chance methods. Participants are also learning excerpts from Cunningham's 1992 work Enter as a case study for examining chance procedures.
The studio showing will present new material created by the participants utilizing and adapting the strategies studied in the workshop, arranged in an Event-like structure. The participants are a diverse group of choreographers, teachers, students and professional dancers, including many Movement Research faculty and artists-in-residence.
To make a reservation, please email with the number of seats to hold (max. two per guest).