Merce Cunningham Trust

May 24 - 25, 2013
Theatre du Chatelet
2 rue Edouard Colonne
Paris, France 75001
The L.A. Dance Project, founded by Benjamin Millepied, performed two of his latest works in addition to Merce Cunningham's Winterbranch (1964) and William Forsythe's Quintett (1993). Following the program in France, the company will perform throughout the summer in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Winterbranch was staged last Fall in L.A. by former company member Jennifer Goggans (MCDC 2000 - 2011).
The concept for Winterbranch came from what Cunningham referred to as "facts in dancing." Two such facts are the act of falling, and unless one stays on the ground, the subsequent act of rising. The dance began with Cunningham crawling slowly across the stage carrying a flashlight, followed by the dancers engaging in a series of falls, in both slow and fast motion, eventually clustering together to fall and rise as a cohesive group. Cunningham asked Rauschenberg to think of the lighting as if it were nighttime, with automobile lights flashing in faces, reminiscient of walking along a dark highway. Rauschenberg dressed the dancers in sweat suits and sneakers, with black paint under their eyes. La Monte Young's music for the piece was entitled 2 Sounds, one sound consisting of "the sound of ashtrays scraped against a mirror, and the other, that of pieces of wood rubbed against a Chinese gong."
The cities and dates where L.A. Dance Project will perform are listed below:
June 2 - 3, 2013 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 12, 2013 - Basel, Switzerland
July 12 - 13, 2013 - Spoleto, Italy
August 24 - 26, 2013 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Photo: Merce Cunningham in Winterbranch, photo by Max Walden (1970)