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Still from DIA: BEACON EVENT, Andrea Weber and Silas Riener pictured, 2008.




Mondays with Merce Film Library Uploaded to YouTube

December 23, 2015

In 2013 the Merce Cunningham Trust officially launched its YouTube channel to host the Mondays with Merce mini-documentary series and a selection of archival film excerpts to point interested viewers to our film distributor Electronic Arts Media (EAI). Since that time Scholar in Residence Nancy Dalva has uploaded a trove of the Trust’s performance and rehearsal footage, rare interviews and archival materials, drawing numerous views, comments and shares. 

Highlights from the Mondays with Merce Film Library include interviews with Cunningham, former Merce Cunningham Dance Company dancers and collaborating composers that explore Merce's perspectives on choreography, technique, collaboration and the life of a dance in time as stagers reconstruct his works and as they are inflected by new dancers. The channel also contains an array of footage of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company during its last years under Cunningham's instruction and the two-year legacy tour. Full performances of Cunningham dances and Events are accompanied by rehearsal footage and company class, opening a behind the scenes window into the life of the company and its founder. The nearly one hundred archival and contemporary films and videos showcase the range of Cunningham’s work and technique.

The New York Times’ Siobhan Burke recently reviewed the Merce Cunningham Trust YouTube channel:

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