Merce Cunningham Trust


Lynn Wichern, Director

Patricia Lent, Director of Licensing

Jennifer Goggans, Studio Coordinator

Keary Champi, Administrative Assistant


Scholar in Residence:  Nancy Dalva



Lynn Wichern, Director

Lynn Wichern became director of the Merce Cunningham Trust in March 2010, and assumed the role in January  2012.  She previously served for seven years as Chief Financial Officer of the Cunningham Dance Foundation, where she played an instrumental role in developing and implementing the Legacy Plan.  From 1996 to 2005 she was Director of Finance for the Mark Morris Dance Group, and from 1989 to 1995 she was Fiscal Administrator of the Foundation for Independent Artists, a ten member corporate conduit for unincorporated artists, administered by Pentacle/DanceWorks. In that capacity she was the financial manager for Jane Comfort, Doug Varone, Urban Bush Women and Eiko and Koma, among others. Before coming to New York City, she was a professor of Dance at the University of Virginia, Illinois Wesleyan University, and Drake University. She choreographed and performed as part of EMR Dance Company and Wichern/Wolfson Dance & Music in the 1990s, and was a dancer with the Nancy Meehan Dance Company from 1987 to 1994. She currently serves on the board of Pentacle/DanceWorks. Wichern is a graduate of the University of Iowa, where she received a BA and MA in Dance. She holds a MFA in Dance and Theater from Case Western Reserve University.

Patricia Lent, Trustee and Director of Licensing

Patricia Lent was a member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (1984-1993) and White Oak Dance Project (1994-1996), and taught elementary school at P.S. 234 in Lower Manhattan (1998-2007). In 2009 she was named a Trustee of the Merce Cunningham Trust and currently serves as the Trust's Director of Licensing. Since joining the Trust, she has initiated and supervised close to one hundred staging projects for professional companies, museums, conservatories, and schools. Lent began teaching technique and repertory workshops at the Merce Cunningham Studio in the late 1980s. In recent years, she has staged Cunningham's work for numerous schools and companies, including Fabrications for Ballet de Lorraine, Scramble for Repertory Dance Theater, Duets for American Ballet Theatre, Channels/Inserts for Lyon Opera Ballet, Beach Birds for North Carolina School of the Arts, and Roaratorio for MCDC's Legacy Tour. She continues to teach, stage, and conduct workshops in her capacity at the Trust.

Jennifer Goggans, Studio Coordinator

Jennifer Goggans began dancing in her hometown of Owensboro, KY, and continued her studies at the Nutmeg Ballet in Connecticut. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Purchase in 2000 and joined the Merce Cunningham Dance Company that same year. Goggans danced with MCDC until the company's planned closure in 2011 and was named Assistant to the Director of Choreography during the company's Legacy Tour. Goggans has been teaching Cunningham Technique since 2005 and has taught master classes and workshops throughout the United States and across Europe. In addition, she has staged various Cunningham works including Cross Currents (1964) for the Augusta Ballet, Verb Ballet and the New York Theater Ballet, and also Winterbranch (1964) for Benjamin Millepied's L.A. Dance Project's inaugural season. Moreover, she and Robert Swinston staged Un jour ou deux (1973) for the Paris Opera Ballet and BIPED (1999) for the Bayerisches Staatsballett of Munich. Goggans has also staged Cunningham work for students at Yale Dance Theater, the Centre National de Dance Contemporaine (CNDC)-Angers, the Frank Sinatra Performing Arts High School and the Beijing Dance Academy. Goggans has performed with the Louisville Ballet, MOMIX, Chantal Yzermans, Christopher Williams, and has appeared as a guest artist with the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. She also studied fashion design at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and has created costumes for Tere O'Connor's Wrought Iron Fog, as well as RoseAnne Spradlin's Survive Cycle and beginning of soemthing. She is currently working as the Studio Coordinator and faculty member for the Merce Cunningham Trust and recently completed teaching a course at the Juilliard School where she and Jean Freebury will be staging BIPED this spring.

Keary champi, administrative assistant

Keary Champi graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Cognitive Science and a minor in Dance. He was introduced to Cunningham Technique at the University and worked closely with Diane Frank, Robert Moses, and Ronnie Reddick. In 2011, Keary was the Marketing and Development intern for the Cunningham Dance Foundation working mainly on the Merce Cunningham Dance Company's final performances at the Park Avenue Armory. Upon graduation in 2012, Keary received the Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts and moved to New York later that year. He began working as the Administrative Assistant at the Merce Cunningham Trust shortly after arriving in the city and continues to participate in many of the Cunningham repertory workshops and special projects. Keary is currently dancing with Dusan Tynek Dance Theatre and continues to work with H.T. Chen & Dancers in a limited capacity now after two seasons (2013 - 2015). He has also worked with Katharine Hawthorne, Daniel Roberts, Natalia Duong, Andrew Harper, and Pearrie Hammie. He also teaches Hip Hop to the students at Chen Dance Center.

Nancy Dalva, Scholar in Residence

Nancy Dalva was appointed the Merce Cunningham Trust Scholar in Residence in 2012.  A frequent writer and speaker on dance and related subjects, she produced and wrote the webseries Mondays with Merce for the Cunningham Dance Foundation. A Critic Fellow of both the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center and the American Dance Festival, she brings the perspective of a dramaturg to a subject without words.