Merce Cunningham Trust


As part of an educational collaboration with the Emerging Movement Council, and Paul Galando, showings of Cunningham Trust Workshops are live streamed from the New York City Center Studios. Emerging fellows are mentored by Paul Galando, Chihiro Shimizu, Dana Katz, and Mirela Amaral as they film and stream MCT workshops. Archival videos of previous workshops are available on demand here.


2017 - Season FOUR

Exchange (1978) was streamed on October 20th.
Second Hand (1970) was streamed on September 1st.
Changing Steps (1973) was streamed on August 11th.
Sounddance (1975) was streamed on June 23rd.
The duet version of Springweather and People (1958), Night Wandering (1958), & Cross Currents (1964) were streamed on February 10th.

2016 - Season three

Beach Birds (1991) was streamed on December 9th.
Walkaround Time (1968) was recorded on September 9th.
Inlets 2 (1983) was streamed on August 26th.
Change of Address (1992) was streamed on July 29th.
Suite for Five (1956) and Fabrications (1987) was streamed on
March 31st at City Center Studios and
on April 1st at the 92nd Street Y.
Squaregame (1976) was streamed on February 19th.

2015 - Season two

Trails (1982) was streamed on October 2nd.
CRWDSPCR (1993) was streamed on August 21st.
Locale (1979) was streamed on July 31st.
Landrover (1972) was streamed on July 17th.
Split Sides (2003) was streamed on June 12th.
Doubles (1984) was streamed on May 14th.

2014 - Season One

Crises (1960) was streamed on November 7th.
Ocean (1994) was streamed on August 22nd.
Windows (1995) was streamed on July 25th.
Scenario (1997) was streamed on July 3rd.
Roaratorio (1983) was streamed on June 6th.
City Center Event (2014) was streamed on January 30th.