Merce Cunningham Trust

eyeSpace (20') 2006

PREMIERE DATE October 10, 2006
MUSIC Mikel Rouse International Cloud Atlas
DECOR Henry Samelson
COSTUMES Henry Samelson
DURATION 20 minutes
ORGINAL CAST Cédric Andrieux, Jonah Bokaer, Lisa Boudreau, Brandon Collwes, Julie Cunningham, Emma Desjardins, Holley Farmer, Jennifer Goggans, Koji Mizuta, Marcie Munnerlyn, Daniel Squire, Andrea Weber
eyeSpace existed in three different versions: one of twenty minutes’ duration, and two of forty minutes. The dance in the 20-minute version comprised three sections: a quartet, a series of three trios of which the first two overlapped, and a duet. Mikel Rouse’s score incorporated the use of iPod Shuffle mp3 players and an environmental soundscape performed live by one or two musicians, projected throughout the theater. Members of the audience could listen to the music on iPods (available on loan) or, if they preferred, to the ambient sound component (without headphones). Henry Samelson’s décor backdrop suggested an imaginary landscape painted in bright colors. The costumes were unitards in various shades of blue. A fourth version of the dance combined the choreography and Samelson décor of eyeSpace 20’ with both the Behrman and Lockwood scores of eyeSpace 40'. This version was performed only once at Brown Theatre, Kentucky Center, Louisville, KY on 23 March 2007.