Choreography / 1960

Music Walk with Dancers

“Music Walk with Dancers” paired a new duet for Cunningham and Carolyn Brown with John Cage’s indeterminate work “Music Walk.” Cunningham and Brown performed a series of movement tasks such as waltzing, skipping, running, dancing a softshoe, doing warm-up exercises, balancing on a dolly, and sitting in chairs. Cage and David Tudor walked about the space playing piano (keys, strings, and frame), phonographs, radios and whistles, and climbed a ladder to adjust the sound system. The work was done seven times in Italy and Germany, and recorded for Belgian Television.


Premiere Date

Sep 24, 1960

Premiere Venue

Teatro la Fenice

Premiere Location

Venice, Italy


John Cage, Music Walk


Variable - 10 minutes (est.)

Original Cast

Carolyn Brown

John Cage

Merce Cunningham

David Tudor

Other Choreography

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