Choreography / 1982


“Numbers” was a short work for seven dancers made for Events. It was in three parts: part one was an accumulation, beginning as a solo for Neil Greenberg with the others joining to make a trio, then a quartet, and finally a septet; part two was a group dance; part three was the reverse of part one with the dancers exiting in the order they had entered. The movement was a continuous sequence of eight-count phrases. Cunningham used chance to devise a unique score for each dancer specifying which counts to do and which counts not to do. “Numbers” was first performed as part of an Event given at New York City Center during the company’s 1982 spring season.


Premiere Date

Mar 18, 1982

Premiere Venue

City Center Theater

Premiere Location

New York, NY


6 minutes

Original Cast

Louise Burns

Ellen Cornfield

Susan Emery

Neil Greenberg

Judy Lazaroff

Susan Quinn

Rob Remley

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