Choreography / 1958

Suite for Two

Suite for Two is an arrangement of three solos and a duet for Merce Cunningham and Carolyn Brown.  The two solos for Cunningham, "At Random" and "Stillness," were originally part of the 1953 dance Solo Suite in Space and Time, and were later incorporated into the 1956 group dance Suite for Five.  The duet for Cunningham and Brown, called "Extended Moment," was also part of Suite for Five.  In May 1958, Cunningham and Brown gave a concert at the University of Pittsburgh.  For that occasion, Cunningham made a new solo for Brown called "A Meander" which she described as having "many held positions followed by sudden bursts of energy."  Brown's solo, along with Cunningham's two solos and the duet, were performed under the title Suite for Two, and subsequently given several times in 1958 and 1960 on European tours done by Cunningham, Brown, John Cage and David Tudor.  Suite for Two used the same Rauschenberg design and Cage piano music as Suite for Five.


Premiere Date

May 21, 1958

Premiere Venue

University of Pittsburgh

Premiere Location

Pittsburgh, PA


John Cage, Music for Piano


Robert Rauschenberg


Robert Rauschenberg


15 Minutes

Original Cast

Carolyn Brown

Merce Cunningham

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