Choreography / 1949

Two Step

“Two Step” was performed to an instrumental version of Erik Satie’s music-hall song “La Diva de ‘L’Empire.’” When asked if any of the material came from Mrs. Barrett, his boyhood teacher, Cunningham said that “the middle part was a kind of soft-shoe, only more elaborate, turning around, and I put a break at the end of the phrase that probably came from her – I just made it bigger.” Carolyn Brown described the solo as a “tour de force of mercurial exuberance.”


Premiere Date

Dec 18, 1949

Premiere Venue

City Center Theater

Premiere Location

New York, NY


Erik Satie, La Diva de l’Empire, intermezzo américain


Merce Cunningham


2 minutes, 30 seconds (est.)

Original Cast

Merce Cunningham

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