Choreography / 2001

Way Station

Cunningham's choreography for Way Station is closely integrated with the décor by Charles Long, which consists of five freestanding sculptures, to which he gave the title Tripods. The dancers move through them or take up positions inside them. Cunningham also wanted the movement to be complex, and to move swiftly as well as slowly. There is a striking solo for one of the women in which she balances in precarious positions; she is then joined by a man who supports her. The music by Takehisa Kosugi (Trilogy), in three sections, is for soloist and electronics. The instrumentation consists of small microphone, harmonica, recorder, voice, saxophone mouthpiece, and custom oscillators manipulated by electronic sound processors. The costumes by James Hall are in dark colors, contrasting with the pastel colors of the tripods, with designs in appliqué and small panels attached in different places, decided mathematically or by chance.


Premiere Date

Mar 31, 2001

Premiere Venue

City Center Theater

Premiere Location

New York, NY


Takehisa Kosugi, Trilogy


Charles Long


James Hall


Aaron Copp


31 minutes

Original Cast

Cédric Andrieux

Jonah Bokaer

Lisa Boudreau

Ashley Chen

Paige Cunningham

Holley Farmer

Jean Freebury

Jennifer Goggans

Mandy Kirschner

Koji Minato

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Squire

Jeannie Steele

Robert Swinston

Cheryl Therrien

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