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Sandra Neels

Sandra Neels, since leaving her ten-year performance career with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (1963 – 1973), has choreographed over 200 works in a variety of settings across the United States, as well as Canada. She has taught and choreographed at the University of South Florida, York University in Toronto, the Harvard and Connecticut College Summer Sessions, Hampshire College, California Institute of the Arts (where she received the 1983 Faculty of the Year Award), The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Winthrop University (where she is an Associate Professor of Dance), the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, Ballet Spartanburg, and Ballet Hawaii. In 2003, she reunited with MCDC, teaching company classes and coaching the dancers for their 2004 Lincoln Center performances. She first assisted Mr. Cunningham in the teaching of his repertory in the early 70's, during the restaging of How To Pass, Kick, Fall, and Run. Since then, she has also reconstructed several of Cunningham's works on MCDC as well as in student workshops. From 2002-2012, she has choreographed a number of contemporary solos for dancers competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. In 2006 and 2007 she was choreographer for the Brevard Music Festival in North Carolina. Dance Magazine has published three of her "Teacher's Wisdom" interviews on Stanislav Issaev, Robert Barnett, and Eva Evdokimova: she is currently writing a biography of the latter. In addition to writing several articles for Dance Magazine, she's written an article for Dance Teacher on "Teaching Dance in the Age of Addictive Cellphone Use;" in 2016, a book titled "Keys to Understanding and Appreciating Dance": Xanedu Publishers; and "A Theatre and Dance Student's Handbook on Breaking Into the Business," for Winthrop's Department of Theatre and Dance's careers classes; she also serves as faculty advisor for the Winthrop University Gospel Choir.




Variations V (Spec. Proj.)


Landrover (Spec. Proj.)


Evolution of Cunningham Technique

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