Professional Licensing

Ballett am Rhein in Pond Way. Photo by Gert Weigelt 2013

Licensing a Dance

CNDC-Angers in Place. Photo by Charlotte Audureau 2015

First Steps

We begin with a conversation to learn more about your company, your dancers, and your objectives, and to share more information about our licensing process.
CCN-Ballet de Lorraine in Sounddance. Photo by Laurent Philippe 2015

Selecting a Work

We work together to identify the right dance for your company, taking into consideration factors such as duration, cast size, production requirements, and previous experience with Cunningham work.
The Paris Opera Ballet in Un jour ou deux. Photo by Julien Benhamou 2012

Finalizing a Project

Once a dance is selected, we will assign a stager, establish a schedule, determine a budget, and provide detailed information about sets, costumes, lighting, and music.

How to License

Inquiries should be addressed to Patricia Lent, Director of Licensing

Currently Licensed

We work with some of the most renowned dance companies and educational institutions in the world. Feel free to browse our ongoing projects below.