Workshop dancers in a rehearsal of the Ocean workshop. Photo by Tiarnach Mooney 2014

Online Repertory Workshop

50 Looks

Choreography: Merce Cunningham

The Merce Cunningham Trust's first online repertory workshop is open to anyone and everyone. 50 Looks is a long series of still positions. It can be done by people of all ages, with or without formal dance training, and is suitable for small, confined spaces. Sessions Available Now.

Participants are invited to share videos of themselves dancing the solo.  Tag us:  #merce50Looks. Or email us at

About 50 Looks:
Merce Cunningham choreographed 50 Looks in 1979. The earliest version of the dance is a 42-minute black-and white video, made by Charles Atlas, of Cunningham performing the solo in silence, on a small stage at the back of his Westbeth studio. An abridged version of the solo was later incorporated in the 1981 dance Gallopade in a section called "50 Looks with Poses." Cunningham also danced a version of 50 Looks in Events beginning at least as early as November 1981.

Bring Merce To Your Institution

To host a master class or series of classes at your school, studio, or institution, please contact our Director of Licensing Patricia Lent at:

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