Workshop dancers in a rehearsal of the Ocean workshop. Photo by Tiarnach Mooney 2014

Upcoming Workshops and Auditions


Workshop Type
Audition for Tread and Fielding Sixes
Leader: Jean Freebury and Jennifer Goggans
Dance: Tread and Fielding Sixes
Workshop Type: Workshop
Dates: June 15th, 2024 10AM-1PM
Two-week Repertory Workshop
Leader: Jennifer Goggans
Dance: Tread
Workshop Type: Workshop
Dates: July 1-12, 2024
Warm-up and Material from Field Dances
Leader: Melissa Toogood
Dance: Field Dances
Workshop Type: Workshop
Dates: July 13, 2024 1030AM-330PM
Teacher Training Workshop
Leader: MCT Teaching Staff
Dance: Cunningham Technique
Workshop Type: Workshop
Dates: July 22-Aug 2, 2024
Two-Week Repertory Workshop
Leader: Jean Freebury
Dance: Fielding Sixes
Workshop Type: Workshop
Dates: Aug 6-Aug 16, 2024

Our mission is to carry Merce Cunningham's legacy into the future.


We preserve the recorded and physical works of Merce Cunningham and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.


We offer classes and workshops in Cunningham's technique, repertory, and choreographic methods to dancers and the public, keeping interest and practice alive.


Through licensing and supporting research, we continue to share Merce Cunningham's work.
Meet the Team
Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham

Cunningham continually pushed the boundaries of modern dance during his seventy-year career.
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