Choreography / 1989

August Pace

Choreographed for the entire company, excluding Cunningham, the title refers to the fact that the piece was created in August of 1989. August Pace consisted of a series of seven duets, with chance procedures deciding when the two dancers would or would not come together during their dances. Michael Pugliese composed the music, entitled Peace Talks. In concurrence with the theme of two dancers joining together to share a duet, Peace Talks was based on, “the concept of a global union of socially and politically troubled nations.” Décor and costumes were by Sergei Bugaev, who used the sobriquet “Afrika.” The backcloth featured a number of colored pictographs, including a fish, an automobile and a rising sun, painted in folk-art style. The costumes were white turtlenecks and trousers for the men, and black turtlenecks and trousers for the women.


Premiere Date

Sep 22, 1989

Premiere Venue

University of California, Berkeley

Premiere Location

Berkeley, CA


Michael Pugliese, Peace Talks


Sergei Bugaev (Afrika)


Sergei Bugaev (Afrika)


Merce Cunningham


26 minutes

Original Cast

Helen Barrow

Kimberly Bartosik

Michael Cole

Emma Diamond

Victoria Finlayson

Alan Good

Chris Komar

David Kulick

Patricia Lent

Larissa McGoldrick

Dennis O'Connor

Robert Swinston

Carol Teitelbaum

Jenifer Weaver

Robert Wood

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