Choreography / 1992

Change of Address

Cunningham wrote that the choreography consisted of 32 phrases that were combined, using chance operations. Many of them featured unbalances, either by a single person or in combination. “The phrases are set; the unbalances have a certain freedom.” The motif of “unbalances” recurred often, with people tilting, even to the point of falling. Thus, several times three men leaned against each other until two of them fell to the floor, and so on. Walter Zimmermann’s music, Self-Forgetting, based on a text by Meister Eckhart, was scored for violin, bandoneon or harmonium, glass harmonica, cowbells, and voice; other instruments could be added. Marsha Skinner’s décor was based on one of series of small chance landscapes she had recently painted. The costumes were in the same earth colors, with a red stripe running down one side of the body and along one leg. "Change of Address" was commissioned by the University of Texas, Austin.


Premiere Date

Jan 31, 1992

Premiere Venue

University of Texas

Premiere Location

Austin, TX


Walter Zimmermann, Self-Forgetting: Words from Meister Eckhart


Marsha Skinner


Marsha Skinner


Marsha Skinner


24 minutes

Original Cast

Helen Barrow

Kimberly Bartosik

Michael Cole

Emma Diamond

Victoria Finlayson

Frédéric Gafner (Foofwa d'Imobilité)

Alan Good

Chris Komar

David Kulick

Patricia Lent

Larissa McGoldrick

Randall Sanderson

Robert Swinston

Carol Teitelbaum

Jenifer Weaver

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