Choreography / 1992


Using a three-dimensional human animation computer program called LifeForms, Cunningham created the choreography for Enter. The title is derived from the way in which the phrases had been programmed into the computer, and entered into the computer’s memory. The finale ended with all of the dancers exiting the stage except for Michael Cole, Jean Freebury and Frederic Gafner, who were leaping around the stage as the curtain fell. Although Enter was created at the time of Cage’s death, the leaping at the end of the performance gives a sense of continuity. Marsha Skinner designed the décor and costumes. The dancers emerged on stage wearing tan unitards, and gradually changed to black unitards as the dance proceeded. David Tudor wrote the music, Neural Network Plus.


Premiere Date

Nov 17, 1992

Premiere Venue

Palais Garnier, Opera National de Paris

Premiere Location

Paris, France


David Tudor, Neural Network Plus


John Cage

Marsha Skinner


Marsha Skinner


Marsha Skinner


60 minutes

Original Cast

Helen Barrow

Kimberly Bartosik

Michael Cole

Merce Cunningham

Emma Diamond

Jean Freebury

Frédéric Gafner (Foofwa d'Imobilité)

Alan Good

Chris Komar

David Kulick

Patricia Lent

Larissa McGoldrick

Randall Sanderson

Robert Swinston

Carol Teitelbaum

Jenifer Weaver

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