Choreography / 2002

Loose Time

This piece featured duets in which each dancer performed different movements at the same time, in a different rhythm. There were also group dances with simultaneous multiple rhythms, and a striking solo for Holley Farmer in which she moved on a diagonal from upstage right to downstage left, performing a series of jagged movements. Christian Wolff’s music, Moving Spaces, has eight sections of material which can be played by two, three, or four players, on any instruments, and whose order can be shifted. Terry Winters’ décor, Vortex Street, showed a pattern of black netting against a red background. The costumes were unitards in a gray metallic fabric.


Premiere Date

Feb 01, 2002

Premiere Venue

University of California, Berkeley

Premiere Location

Berkeley, CA


Christian Wolff, Moving Spaces


Terry Winters


Terry Winters


Aaron Copp


31 minutes

Original Cast

Cédric Andrieux

Jonah Bokaer

Lisa Boudreau

Ashley Chen

Paige Cunningham

Holley Farmer

Jean Freebury

Jennifer Goggans

Mandy Kirschner

Koji Mizuta

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Squire

Jeannie Steele

Derry Swan

Robert Swinston

Cheryl Therrien

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