Choreography / 2004

Monk's Tail

“Monk’s Tail” was a trio made for a benefit at Danspace celebrating Meredith Monk’s 40th anniversary season. On that occaision, the trio was performed in combination with three solos from “Changing Steps,” and with music by Meredith Monk. The trio began and ended in an upstage tableau of linked positions, moving gradually downstage for the first half, and then retreating back to its starting place. Each of the three dancers did a different series of continuous slow positions, maintaining contact by reaching out to touch and at times lean on one another. The trio was subsequently performed in Events. In some records the title is written “Monk’s Tale.”


Premiere Date

Nov 23, 2004

Premiere Venue

Danspace, St. Mark's Church

Premiere Location

New York City


Meredith Monk,


5 minutes 30 seconds

Original Cast

Jonah Bokaer

Julie Cunningham

Koji Mizuta

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