Choreography / 2002


“Overpopulation” was an arrangement of material from “Changing Steps.” Originally designed for an Event given at Danspace, the arrangement compressed four solos and all or part of three different duets into a limited space. When not involved in one of the solos or duets, the dancers sat on the floor in two rows facing one another and demarcating the space. “Overpopulation” was subsequently performed in other Events.


Premiere Date

Apr 03, 2002

Premiere Venue

Danspace, St. Mark's Church

Premiere Location

New York City


8 minutes

Original Cast

Jonah Bokaer

Ashley Chen

Paige Cunningham

Jennifer Goggans

Mandy Kirschner

Koji Mizuta

Daniel Roberts

Jeannie Steele

Cheryl Therrien

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