Choreography / 2003

Split Sides

The choreography, music and design elements for Split Sides were each created in two parts, or, in the case of the music, by two bands. British rock band Radiohead and Sigur Ros, an experimental group from Iceland, composed the music. Without using vocals or beats, both groups took a random assortment of sounds and fed them through electronic equipment. The décor is by Robert Heishman and Catherine Yass, and costume design is by James Hall. Each performance varies, as chance procedures decide which of the two versions of each element will be paired together.


Premiere Date

Oct 14, 2003

Premiere Venue

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Premiere Location

Brooklyn, NY


Radiohead, Untitled

Sigur Ros, Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do


Catherine Yass

Robert Heishman


James Hall


James F. Ingalls


40 minutes

Original Cast

Cédric Andrieux

Jonah Bokaer

Lisa Boudreau

Ashley Chen

Paige Cunningham

Holley Farmer

Jennifer Goggans

Mandy Kirschner

Koji Mizuta

Daniel Roberts

Daniel Squire

Jeannie Steele

Derry Swan

Robert Swinston

Cheryl Therrien

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